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our products

Core Flooding

performing secondary and tertiary oil recovery processes.


equipment can remove lime deposits from plate heat exchangers

Micro-Nano Particles

Micro-Nano Particles size production using supercritical carbon dioxide

Essential oil extraction

Essential oil extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide

Aflatoxin removal from seeds

Aflatoxin removal from food seeds and pistachio using supercritical carbon dioxide.

Catalyst regeneration

Catalyst regeneration using supercritical carbon dioxide

about  us

Knowledge-based Apex Technologies Co, was established during 2017 based on more than one decade of academic and industrial experiences of its managers and experts, and settled from the beginning of its establishment in the Markazi Province Science and Technology Park, Iran.
The main activity of this company concentrated on the High-pressure...


Our Project

industrial version of permeability

porosity and permeability equipment

Recombination cell

core flooding system

contact angle measuring equipment


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Designing and constructing new cleaning

In the past three month, experts of Apex Technologies Co. were dealing with designing and constructing new type ofe

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• Designing and constructing industrial version of permeability and porosity measurement

These equipments are designed and constructed based on the requirements

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Designing and constructing new mixing machine Apex technologies Co.,

In the recent efforts of Apex technologies Co. experts,

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