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Knowledge-based Apex Technologies Co., was established during 2017 based on more than one decade of academic and industrial experiences of its managers and experts, and settled from the beginning of its establishment in the Markazi Province Science and Technology Park, Iran.
The main activity of this company concentrated on the High-pressure and high-temperature processes up to 1000 bar and 150 oC for upstream oil and gas and chemical/food/pharmaceutical engineering industries.
Moreover, the company is deeply focused on the applications of supercritical carbon dioxide technologies such as essential oil extraction (Rose, Lavender, etc), micronization of pharmaceutical particles via RESS,techniques, and aflatoxin removal from crops (corn, pistachio …). Besides the designing and construction division, two different divisions including routine and special core analysis services and molecular dynamic lab are working hard to deliver the best services to our clients which are universities, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) and national Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), Besides the designing and constructing specific equipments for our honored clients, we are glad to design, produce and deliver solutions, equipments and services based on the client requirements under the shadow of our strong academic and technical experiences which can remove obstacles of our clients’ projects or their entire company which make us different from our competitors.



  • Acquiring tMembership in Iran Quality and Productivity Company is offered in order to implement the Law of Resistance Economy and Article 44 of the Constitution and in order to raise the level of quality and productivity. Official membership in the World Forum of Accreditation of Managers at the World Level (Switzerland)
  • Acquiring the title of the lasting face of the industry and receiving the golden statue and certificate in 1397.
  • Receive a high certificate of entrepreneurship approved by the International Labor Organization of Islamic countries
  • Subscribe to the long list of equipment manufacturers of the Ministry of Oil (Vendor list of the Ministry of Oil).
  • Winning the third place in construction projects in the 16th Kharazmi Youth Festival.
  • Received an excellent consumer trust
  • Membership in Iran Management Research and Training Center as an entrepreneur
  • Acquiring the title of worthy national manager and receiving the golden statue of 1397
  • Upgrading to a new industrial knowledge-based company from a fledgling knowledge-based company
  • Winning the title of the best name of the National Confederation of Iranian Brands
  • Receiving the golden statue of Sheikh Baha'i Festival in 1397 (as one of the most valuable festivals in Iran)
  • List of excellence in Central Province in two consecutive years 1397 and 1398
  • Membership in the European Foundation for Management
  • Membership in the Sustainable Foundation
  • Received a higher degree of national trust
  • Received an excellent national brand display

Our Partners

During the past decade, we try to provide an extensive technical and scientific network with the assist of valuable partners at prestigious and high-ranked universities, research institutes (such as RIPI) and oil companies (such as NISOC). Respecting this network and continuous knowledge exchange we can provide high quality consulting, training, and education services for our national and international clients and even develop new equipments and solutions compatible with the latest scientific standards and requirements. We are honored to introduce some of our partners: